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Welcome to my Google Sniper 3.0 Review post.

First of all I would like to state that I only give reviews of  products that I purchase and have first hand experience of using them.

To begin with, if I have to summarize Google Sniper 3.0 System, then I would say :

Google Sniper 3.0 is an online course that teaches how to make money online with a niche website. If you have a dream of making money online, and wish to  break free from the daily boring routine of a regular job then there is no doubt, Google Sniper 3.0 is for you.

To reach directly to the official page of Google Sniper 3.0 online course, you may click here.

As I studied the full course I was surprised by the fact that how this one course made the whole making money online concept crystal clear in my mind. I must conclude that  Google Sniper 3.0 is a system that puts a full stop mark to an ongoing search for a tool that could help in starting and setting up an online business, that gives regular income, and that too as a part time work. It does not stop here, it keeps us with the fast changing scenario of the industry.

Almost five years ago George Brown had launched this course as Google Sniper, and in 2012 he announced it’s second version as Google Sniper 2.0. Now, in the year 2015 he has come out with the latest version Google Sniper 3.0 with useful updates. It teaches what works online and what does not. It teaches what kind of knowledge is  required to setup an online business. The Course makes technical aspects simple, easy to understand for even a layman. It comforts the user of the hype that has been created that making money online requires a lot of skill.

Note: Google Sniper 3.0 is a fresh updated version with latest video tutorials and other useful stuffs.


The main aspects of the course that a subscriber learns are as follows :

  • It makes an online money making system crystal clear.
  • It shows how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.
  • It teaches how to pick affiliate products that are hot in the market.
  • It teaches how to develop website and target it to a less competitive market.
  • It guides in getting high search engine rankings which results in free traffic to the website.

In short, once you have studied the course then the only thing that remains is to start implementing it. With this guiding material one can explore the huge opportunity of online money making business.

However, I would also like to caution that if you are a beginner or even know a bit in the field of making money online and wondering that this online course would enable you to make money online instantly then it’s not the case.

Frankly speaking, though this is an ultimate study material but the secret lies in the implementation of the stuffs being taught in it. Unless you try, make mistakes and learn from them, while keeping patience and ready to give enough time to gain experience, initial task require a lot of effort.

But the good part of this course is that it is a tried and tested system and if you just follow it, one can make a good solid start. And as learning is a continuous process, one has to keep in touch with the latest developments in the industry and in this case; the industry means Google Algorithm of listing websites in search results. 

  • The initial cost of Google Sniper 3.0 is $47.
  • You can also opt for a monthly subscription at $47 where you shall be able to attend two monthly webinars by which keep updating yourself with the trends of the online money making market, and also discuss your experiences about your online  business. However, if you wish you can opt out of this subscription as per your discretion.
  • Best part of this course is its money back guarantee. So, once a user tries and feels that this is not for him/her, he can make requests for the refund.

My Conclusion : As of now Google Sniper 3.0 is up to date and very much effective in its purpose. 

You may find some other aspects of Google Sniper 3.0 in my other posts, and an exclusive Google Sniper 3.0 Video Review. And before you go through them,I strongly  recommend you to first click here to go to the official video by the author of the course George Brown.

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Google Sniper 3.0 – Exclusive Video Review

Helo friends,

In the next post I am planning to write an honest Google Sniper 3.0 review.

You can also read my earning report here, to know how things are moving forward for me and how you can also try your hand.

But before that I thought it would be good enough if I post a Video Review here. So that you can go through it and have an inside look of the member’s area of actual Google Sniper 3.

So here it is :

To reach directly to the official page of Google Sniper 3.0 online course, you may click here.

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Does Google Sniper Work?

You must have gone through my earlier posts below. There I have described What is Google Sniper 3.0 is all about, Why you should Buy Google Sniper 3.0. However, it’s also a fact that online market is full of the illegitimate and fake kind of systems for generating online income. These create apprehensions in the mind of a beginner that Does Google Sniper Work?

If you are also wondering the same thing, then it’s obvious. Initially, I had also gone through the same feeling. But after using it for many months now, here I narrate how Google Sniper 3.0 has worked for me. Or in other words how I have been benefited subscribing Google Sniper 3.o. Click here to see my earning report.

what is google sniper 2.0

First and foremost help this online course gave me is that now I am able to make up my mind not to look for any other online money making system. Hence, I have stopped losing money in misguiding systems available in the market. The concept of how online money making system work is now crystal clear in my mind.

The second thing I learned is that though I don’t have my own products to sell online, how can I be an affiliate for other’s products and promote it. How to chose hot products that interests masses.

Third and most important aspect I got to know about is how to setup a website in minutes, and how to find a niche and less competitive keywords that ranks my website high in search engines. How to get back links to the niche website to keep it’s search positions intact.

And the beauty of the Google Sniper 3.0 is that apart from subscribing it, I did not spend a single penny anywhere else and was able to create and launch my websites and have started making money 24×7.

Not just me, there are several affiliate marketers who have successfully adopted GSniper 2.0.

All have chosen it as a part of their online affiliate business because it really works.

However, Before you Buy Google Sniper 3.0, see for yourself Does Google Sniper Work. Click here to go the official webinar of the course.

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Is Google Sniper a Scam?

Absolutely not. At least after using for months now if I am on an average able to make couple hundreds of dollars a month with my niche websites, how I can even for the sake of an argument accept, that Google Sniper 3.0 is a scam.

Another solid reason is that it provides money back guarantee. If you buy this product, use it and then feel that it is not for you, you can request for your money back. Hence, can it be a scam?

However, I would underline the fact that Google Sniper 3.0 can be a Scam for you, if you don’t have a positive mental attitude. I am sorry to say that, but let me explain.

In the following circumstances this system may not give desired results and you may feel unhappy, and ultimately label it a non productive tool for making money online.

  1. First and foremost, you will have to implement what you study, i.e you will have to set up niche websites. Though setting up websites does  not take much time, but it surely takes time for a website to settle down.
  2. You make money by selling affiliate products, and selling a product needs visitors. Hence, to get a good number of visitors, your website needs higher ranking on Google search result. And that I call settling down of a website. My experience suggests that high position in search result requires minimum of four to six weeks for a good quality content website. And as time passes, this search ranking improves and more visitors start visiting website which leads to higher revenue. Thus, it almost takes around 4 to 6 months for a website to get steady number of visitors. Patience is the key in Internet Marketing.
  3. The Catch is, setup a website and mean while it settles down, prepare another one. Keep repeating this task, and time will come when you will be having 5 to 6 good quality Google friendly sites running in six months. Don’t just make one and wait for its positive result. Most of the newbies make this mistake. Here is Google SEO resources for beginners.
  4. Success depends on many aspects including selection of targeted low competitive keywords, effective “buying” keyword domain, well structured inter-linked niche website and of course quality content. Study material teaches everything in detail and makes the concept easy, but at last to be a successful internet marketer one has to implement the knowledge in real sense.
  5. Last but not the least, your attitude. Success lies in gaining knowledge, and it’s not an one-time endeavour. It’s a continuous process. Many people on the internet who dream of making money online buy information products looking their money-back guarantee offer. They just buy, hardly read and study the material, and  conclude that the information is of no use. They unsubscribe it. This type of attitude is a major obstacle in going forward.

So, I would state that unless and until one tries, how can he/she be able to judge the power of this simple, unique and ultimate online course.

Click here and discover yourself  proofs of this most successful online money making course and decide your self  is Google Sniper 3.0 a scam?

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Why you should Buy Google Sniper 3.0?

If you want to start a business website, or a personal blog, or even an affiliate money making website, then it’s a time for you to Buy Google Sniper 2.0.

what is google sniper 2

No doubt, you are here because you are exploring a way to make money online. It can also be a fact that you may have lost a lot of hard earned money while searching a genuine online money making system. You may have found many such online offers a scam.


But, dear friend this is not a failure. I consider this a learning process. If you have found that various online money making opportunities are not working or not true to their word, it implies that we have to ignore them in the future and learn from the mistakes.


I am sure you shall agree with me that there is no alternative to hard work. Yes, there is a lot of money that we can earn online but for that we should have to work hard. We should have to keep patience and thrive consistently to achieve our goal. And above all we should be having a real, authentic and legitimate system. So, here I am going to discuss very briefly about online money making business and huge opportunity it provides to us. I shall also throw a light on how Google Sniper 2.0 can be a useful tool for us and why we should Buy Google Sniper 2.0.


Here, I will take you through a couple of questions.

Q.  Can we really make money online? And if yes, then what are the ways to earn money?

A.  Yes, the internet provides us a vast opportunity to make money online. But we have to consider it as a business and not a quick money making scheme. Initially it demands hardship to establish the whole setup, but once you achieve it,  you have done. It gives a continuous income day after day.


As you know, we have to sell something to the customer to earn money. In online business we can sell 3 things to a potential customer : a) Physical Product b) Services c) Information. And to sell these 3 things we should be having a platform from where we can offer these things. This platform is a website. So, to make money online one should be having own website thorough which one can sell stuff and make money.

Q. What kind of a website is required? And what about products to sell?

A. For online business you should be having products to sell, and a website to display them. Now, if you have your own products you can start selling them online. If you have some expertise then you can offer your services online. You will earn by selling them. This we call a normal business website.


If you love to write on any of your favorite topic or hobby, then you can go ahead and start your blog. Along with your articles you can display online advertisements and earn money. This kind of informative website is called a blog.

But, if you don’t have your own products or services to offer, or even no time to write blogs, then in that case you can start promoting other person’s products and services. And this we call an affiliate website.

Q. Just by starting a website, shall I expect to start making money?

A. Answer is a big NO. There are millions of website on the internet. All website owners don’t make money. Just by starting a website, one can’t expect to start making money. Earning from a website depends on many factors along with how many internet users are actually visiting your site, what kind of product you are offering.


And to bring a good number of visitors on a website is also a tricky job. It takes a lot of effort to establish a website where people come on their own in search of a product, service or information. It’s a tough task, but if you have a proven system to learn from, the journey to success becomes easy.

Q. What should be done to start a money making website?

A. To start a money making website which may be a business website, or a personal blog, or even an affiliated one which sells other person’s products or services, one should adopt a proven system and believe me Google Sniper 2 is the answer.

So, If you want to start a business website, or a personal blog, or even an affiliate money making website, then just go ahead, and before you BUY GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0, click here and discover yourself in this Webinar what George Brown has to tell you.


Wish you all the best.

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What is Google Sniper 3.0 ?

Basically Google Sniper 3 is an online course that teaches what should be done to start a money making website. Briefly, if we summaries benefits of Google Sniper 3.0 then those aspects are as follows :

  • 1. How to chose a topic or a good affiliate product that interests masses?
  • 2. How to chose a proper website name associated with the topic or a product?
  • 3. How to launch a niche website keeping in mind a well defined target audience?
  • 4. How a website gets high rankings on search engines and thus generates free web traffic?

Many sources are available online where you can find answers to these questions. But they would be in pieces. It would be really difficult to arrange all aspects and bundle them so that a system can be developed. On the other hand, Google Sniper 3.0 is the ready made product or system where you can instantly start the learning process and simultaneously implementing it.

If you ask me, ‘Does Google Sniper Work?’, then I could state that for me this online course provided an initial boost making the whole online money making system crystal clear in my mind. The Google Sniper method shows us the path where the destination is. Afterwards it’s up to us how we implement it, and how we keep informed ourselves with the ongoing fast changing scenario of the industry.
To know about Google Sniper 3.0 from the hours’s mouth……. Click here and attend the official Webinar.


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