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Is Google EMD Update going to effect Google Sniper Sites?

Today I am going to discuss about a very important development took place recently in internet marketing. The search engine giant Google has unleashed Exact Match Domain (EMD) Algorithm Update to neutralize mini websites that have poor quality content.

And it’s a fact that most of these mini 3-4 page websites are based on Google Sniper 2.0 method. Thus the question arises, how Google EMD Algorithm Update is going to effect Sniper Sites?

Basically sniper sites target single long tail keyword by putting it in the domain name itself, and then monetize the site using that particular keyword through Search Engine Optimization methods. For years this Exact Match Domain (EMD) method has been used by SEO experts and have enjoyed positive impacts on high Google search engine rankings.

But the sad part of the story is that many internet marketers have used this exact-match domain SEO loophole for establishing fast money making affiliate marketing websites with poor quality content. The primary focus of such websites remains to gain highly-targeted organic search traffic and diverting it through affiliate links for making easy money.

Google was eyeing on this malpractice for quite a long time. And now to provide a level playing ground for high quality content providers, it has unleashed EMD algorithm update to counter such exact-match domains websites filled with keyword rich, useless articles. This new development will reduce low-quality exact-math domains in search results. Many such sites have already started experiencing the effects of this Google EMD update. Suddenly they have found their website had disappeared from the first page search result and lying on second, third pages. Aim of Google is to make sure it’s search result be natural and free from manipulation.

Now for Google Snipers, the question arises is that if this EMD update is going to affect them. The answer is quite simple. Google wants to filter branded and good quality content websites into it’s top search result. It does not matter if the website has an exact-match domain or not. If the quality of content is useful for readers, it will still give exact-match domain high ranking. But if robots would find website spammy, it will wipe it out.

To determine which site is having high quality content, Google probably uses trust indicators like backlinks and social signals. And Google Snipers who have studied Google Sniper 2 method thoroughly, must be aware of the fact that how much the study material has focused on off page website monetization. Now caution for the sniper site owner is not to take off page website monetization lightly. It has become the most important part of method now. And as this aspect is already covered in the Google Sniper 2.0 online course, we can conclude that it’s still relevant.

You may find some other aspects of Google Sniper 2.0 in my other posts. And before you go through them,I strongly  recommend you to first click here to go to the official video by the author of the course George Brown.

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